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Final Fiesta Bachelorette

Service Description

With our all-inclusive decorating packages, you'll get the whole house decorated for the entire weekend! Setup takes up to 90 minutes for our team to complete. On your checkout day, we'll come to break down the decorations and pick up the rentals before your checkout time.

This package includes:

- Photo Backdrop Final Fiesta photo backdrop with balloon garland, neon sign, pompom garland, and paper fans ​(Rental Items)

- Pool Floats ​2 Pool floats* (Diamond Ring and Llama) ​(Rental Items)

- Table Decor and 1 Bottle of tequila ( Espolon, Jose Cuervo, or 1800)

- 10 Hangover Recovery Kits in Custom Monogrammed Pouches (Lotion, EmergenC, Shot Glass, Shooter Bottle, Bandaids, Mints, Sleeping Mask, Hair ties Hydration replenisher, Advil, Ring Pop, makeup remover wipe. Additional kits offered at $20 each)

- 1 Dozen Custom Final Fiesta Cookies with Brides Name

Kitchen Items:

Themed Cups, Straws, Cocktail Napkins Decorative piñata and table confetti 

Miscellaneous Decor:

'Final Fiesta' letter banner 'Final Fiesta' Paper Letter Banner Cactus + Man Paper Letter Banner Cactus + Ring Paper Letter Banner ​ Bride's Room Giant 36" 'BRIDE' letter balloon banner Loose balloons in Bride's bedroom ​ 


Kitchen stocking ($100 plus the cost of food and drinks)

Easel with a giant customized welcome sign and balloon garland ($75)

Client-provided gift bag setup ($50)

Additional 6 ft balloon garland ($84)

Ring light rental ($20)

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